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dance fitness with jessica

Dance like no one’s watching – Dance Fitness with Jessica

Dance fitness is a type of workout that incorporates dance with aerobics for an entire body and cardio healthy exercise routine. There are many forms of dance that provide calorie burning, cardio fitness, toning and strengthening, and include the benefits for a healthy lifestyle = a happy life. If that hasn’t sold you, dancing for one-hour burns upward of 400 calories. That is more calories burned than the jelly donut you ate for breakfast cost you.

Types of Dance Fitness:

∙ Zumba – incorporates multiple dance forms like mambo, salsa, and hip-hop, to name a few, to upbeat music. The result, an intensive, exciting workout that burns calories, tones muscle, and improves coordination.∙ Hip-hop – also referred to as street dancing. Pop-it, lock-it, and break-it. Hip-hop focuses more on lower body usage. It is extremely good for hips, thighs, and abs. However, the intensity provides a full-body workout and burns about 300 calories in an hour (still kicking that jelly donut slip).

Belly Dancing – slow, methodical, and complex. Tones problematic areas and improves posture, circulation, and flexibility.

∙ Salsa – Latin Dance that is sensual and requires a partner. Burns 400-500 calories in an hour and follows the eight-count step method.

∙ Pole Dancing – Not just for Gentlemans clubs anymore. Strengthens muscle, provides cardio and requires very little clothes.


Dance Fitness with Jessica provides high intensity, calorie-burning, muscle toning fitness all those other dances provide. She offers a well-choreographed lesson that is entertaining as well as beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. Jessica found a need for fitness that was convenient and could be included in a busy life. Having three children she needed a workout that provided energetic, fun ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Those calories burned caring for her kids just weren’t cutting it. With her passion for dance and a lot of inspiration Dance fitness with Jessica was born. Starting the class with just three students Dance Fitness with Jessica morphed into a fitness craze that is over 700,000 strong.

Why choose Dance Fitness with Jessica?

In just one-hour-a-day, you will burn over 400 calories through the Dance2Fit program. You will have fun, be motivated, and can workout anywhere. Okay, not from your couch because that’s not really participating. But, you can experience the engaging, intense fitness routine from the comfort of your home. With Dance2Fit, a program there are a variety of workouts structured to help you reach your goals. No more expensive gym memberships that are never used. No more standing in the back of the room because of insecurities. Dancing with Jessica is personal. No judgment or snickers allowed. You can dance like nobody is watching and all classes are taught by certified instructors that have completed the Dance2Fit training course. That means they were once where you are. Start on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Join the Dance Fitness with Jessica community today , I’ll post below her facebook instagram and youtube links so you can reach her.

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