How to Ballroom Dance – Simple Tricks For Begginers

Learning ballroom dance requires ballroom dance lessons, practice and patience. However, there are certain steps that you can learn by yourself and may not require any ballroom dance lessons. The basic steps of ballroom dancing are incorporated in other dance forms like the foxtrot and swing dancing, so if you are wondering how to ballroom dance, here is some information to start with.


Before you start with any ballroom dance lessons, it is vital that you learn the proper posture. A solid frame makes the ballroom dance look elegant and graceful. For this, you need to hold your head upright while keeping your chin parallel to the dance floor. You need to keep your chest uplifted as well. With a perfect posture, you will be able to hold your partner more confidently.

Rock Step

After correcting your posture, it is time to learn how to ballroom dance by learning a few easy steps like the rock step. Put your feet together, lift one foot and cross it behind the other. You need to place the foot nearly 12 inches behind the other one. Place the ball of your foot down and transfer your body weight to your back foot on the count of one, and then back to your front foot. You should return your foot to the starting position beside the other foot to the beat of two. For counts three and four, follow the same steps by reversing the feet. The rock step can also be done by crossing the foot in front of your leg.

Triple Step

The rock step is balanced, but the triple step is a faster step. Fast and slow movements characterise it. The triple step is counted as one and two, three and four. The ones and the threes are quick, while the two and four are slow. The triple step goes like two quick and one slow. The movement of the dancers and the rhythm makes the triple step more like a skipping activity.

The step starts with the dancer’s feet together in the appropriate ballroom posture. You need to lift the right foot and step forward for a short distance when the count is one. Shift your weight back to the left foot after the first count and shift back forward to your right foot at the count of two. Then move the left foot forward on the third count and repeat the rocking motion on the count of four.

The triple step can be used to move in any direction in the ballroom. The foot moving on the one and three counts will step in the direction you are moving. Dancers can also perform the triple step in one place by rocking toward the right or left side.

If you are looking for how to ballroom dance videos online, you will get many steps to learn and practice like the grapevine. Alternatively, you can also enroll in ballroom dance lessons.

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