How To Belly Dance Like Shakira

Belly dancing is an exotic dance form which is a bit difficult when compared to others. However,
belly dancing for beginners requires learning some steps and postures which can be done at home.
Arabic belly dance should be learned carefully so as not to injure oneself. You need a lot of strength
or flexibility and also it does not require too much running around or jumping. So, if you are looking
for Arabic belly dance or how to belly dance, here are some tips to get you started.

Basics of Belly Dancing

The basic principle behind moving a part of your body in one direction is to first move it in the
opposite direction. So, if you are attempting a hip drop step, you need to lift the hip before the drop.
This helps in giving you the space required to create a fluidic movement.

Here is a basic belly movement which requires you to understand how to isolate your belly. First,
you need to keep your knees bent, tailbone down, and chest lifted. If you want to lift the rib-cage,
roll the shoulders back, and keep arms out. Next, contract the belly in super tight motion just like a
sit-up. Make sure that your spine remains neutral at all times when contracting everything in, by
pushing with the same amount of strength you used for pulling in.

If you need some good belly dance music for you to practive here’s a  list of good belly dance music.

Learning Strategy

Belly dancing for beginners begins with the fundamentals of belly dance which includes posture,
seesaw movements, side sliding and hips and chest movements. You need to learn internal and
vertical circles with your hips. The classical Egyptian horizontal circles with the chest and hips come
next. Arabic belly dance includes snake arm movements. With time you can learn advanced belly
dance moves like the hagala schimmy and various variations. Belly dancing moves mainly consist of
hip drops and shimmy, accents, foot lifts, and chest camels.

Benefits of Belly Dance

Belly dancing helps you to get fit and toned. The belly dancing for beginners requires a good amount
of workout, and you need to stay fit as well. Proper instructions for belly dancing require balance in
practice of hip movements, the legs, and the abdomen. Therefore, people who are interested in
exercises as well as learning how to how to belly dance can practice the basic steps at home and
learn the advanced steps with the help of an instructor.

 Final words

Arabic belly dance is a bit tough to master when compared to, say Zumba or Salsa. So, it is always
advisable to strictly follow all instructions or join a class in belly dancing for beginners. An instructor
can help you with bad posture or misalignments. This can help avoid any severe injuries to your
body. Otherwise, you can always practice using online videos or dvds of how to belly dance.

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