How to Dance at A Wedding – Rock The Wedding Dance Floor

The wedding is an occasion where everyone wants to look beautiful, is eager to participate in
different ceremonies and of course enjoy. The bride or groom, relatives, friends, family, guests and
all want to perform on the dance floor at a wedding. But it is important to know how to ballroom dance at a
wedding before putting the step into the dance floor. You may not be a dancer, but learning a few
things will help you to impress all at the wedding.

Basic learning

If you have not taken any dance lesson before, the first step to learning how to dance at a wedding is
about position and posture. A perfect dance position and posture will make the dancer connected
with his or her partner while dancing. Not only about feeling attached has a good posture also
served an elegant look and a fantastic appearance when captured in frames. A proper dance position
also gives you a more polished look so that you look great in pictures!

You need to remain calm if a mishap happens during dancing on the stage. The guests or the
audience will not look for your mistakes until you show them. Continuing the dance even after some
wrong footsteps will not reduce your charm on the dance floor if you enjoy yourself and smile while

The smile is the fragrance of dancing. Everyone looks happy at a wedding day and smile is
the most apparent expression you can give while dancing with your partner. If it is your wedding
day, a picture looking into the eyes of your partner with a smile in the lips is nothing but perfect.
An essential thing to be remembered is that the dance performance must be short and sweet. To
refrain from being nervous and make the audience enjoy the performance it must be no longer than
3 minutes. Dancing with the shorter version of a popular song will be appropriate for performing at a

Wedding Dance Steps

Let us learn some of the critical steps and movement for how to dance at a wedding. If you lead the
dance, you have to position the right hand at the back of the partner’s left shoulder blade. While
performing this step, the right elbow must be up, and the elbow bone should be indicated to the
right side.

Your follower should enfold your left arm around your partner’s lifted arm and position
your hand around his/her biceps. The next step is to up the other arm, and the leader and the
follower can clasp the hands together. This is famous as a simple box step and is suitable with almost
any song to perform at the wedding. After practicing the basic steps accurately, one can improve the
performance with other movements and posture.

A special step the bride and groom can follow to perform differently than the followers at the
wedding. The groom can pull the bride close to him by placing his arms around her waist. The next
step is to bring the bride with him and take a wide step to his left and get into the dance floor and
start dancing, although one should remember not to make the partner uncomfortable while

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