How to Dance at Prom and Make Your Partner Proud

Prom dance is not the end of the world

People often panic when they think of dancing in general, so dancing at prom feels like a nightmare. This panic is further fuelled by the compulsion not to embarrass yourself in front of your date and friends. So, if you are wondering, how to dance at prom, don’t worry, we have you covered. Prom dancing is not rocket science and can be bested with some effort and patience. One thing to keep in mind is to follow the beat and your partner’s moves.

Types of Prom Dance

Dancing with your prom date is not a difficult task. There are two types of prom dances which are slow dancing and fast dancing. You should be able to differentiate the two by listening to the song and the beat. A slow dance doesn’t involve many movements and requires some simple steps to be followed. Fast prom dance is a bit difficult, but nothing that can’t be mastered with some practice.

Slow Prom Dance

People always think that slow dancing is hard. On the contrary, it is straightforward. Once the slow song starts playing, follow these simple steps. Slow dancing requires proper hand placement. Usually, the guy places his right hand on the girls left shoulder, and the girl puts her left hand on the top of the guy’s right shoulder. The other free hands are kept at each other’s waist. You can choose to keep both the hands around your partner’s neck while your partner has their hands on your waist and vice versa.

Secondly, foot movement is essential for slow dancing. You should learn the step-touch for acing the slow dance game. In step-touch, you need to step to the left with your left foot and bring your right foot to meet the left foot. Similarly, step to the right with your right foot and bring your left foot to reach the left one. These steps are repeated again and again as per the beat of the music. You can learn other slow dancing steps by looking into various YouTube videos on how to dance at prom.

Fast Prom Dance

As the music changes to a fast beat one, you need to up your game a bit. Try to follow the rhythm of the music. If you can match your steps to the beats, you will enjoy fast dancing even more than slow dancing. There are no concrete rules for fast dancing. Just search for how to dance at prom videos in a search engine, and you will get ample easy steps and moves to make a memorable prom night

There is no right or wrong way to dance during a prom. If you have not heard the music before, make sure you move and groove without any sudden and challenging moves. Have faith in yourself and do not overthink. Prom night should be enjoyed as it is one of the best times ever in a student’s life.

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