How to Dance Bachata – Basic Footwork For Newbies

People generally ask how to dance the Bachata or what are the basic Bachata steps. The Bachata
dance is a very simple Latin dance form. Anyone can learn and perform it. You need to feel the
rhythm and practice the steps. OF course, you don’t need to memorize anything but just practice as
per the beat. Make sure you have enough space. The Bachata can be done alone or with a partner.
Let’s find out more about the Bachata dance form.

Origin of Bachata

The Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic. It is a Latin dance that is based on an eight-count
beat. Over the years, Bachata has evolved and has gained popularity, especially in the US apart from
salsa. The Bachata is a rhythmic dance and is very simple to learn. The music generally has a
soothing rhythm, and the beats are amazing to dance.

Bachata music

The Bachata music uses a four on four musical structures with phrases of eight. You can count the
moves from one to eight. Each count is considered a full beat. You can count in fours as well. When
you listen to Bachata music, you will realize that it is very sensual.

For modern pop music for Bachata, you can check out the works of Latino artists like Prince Royce,
Don Omar, Anthony Santos, Maite Perroni and Aventura. The modern songs have trendy beats and
rhythm for performing Bachata on a dance floor. For traditional Bachata music, you can take the
work of artists like Joe Veras, Yoskar Sarante and Frank Reyes.

Bachata Steps for men and women

If you are wondering how to dance the Bachata, the first step is to count your steps during the
music. You need to step to the left counting one to four and step in the right counting five to eight.
The fourth and eight beats are counted silently.

If a guy is wondering how to dance the Bachata or what are the basic Bachata steps, it is done
through the combination of the following steps. First, you need to step forward with left foot and
then step forward with right foot. The right step would be a smaller step than the right. Now, step
forward with left foot and your right tap foot to left foot. Go back with the right foot and then take a
small step back with the left foot. Again, step back with right foot and then tap your left foot to right

You will notice that Bachata requires hip motions. When you raise your right foot off the ground, you
need to jut your hips out to the right side. So, the dance steps need continuous rolling motion of
your hips. With time you will become conscious of your hip’s motion. If you search for how to dance
the Bachata online, you will get plenty of video tutorials too.

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