Learn How to Dance Cumbia The Easy Way

Learn How to Dance Cumbia

Cumbia dance is a popular folk dance of Latin America, which originated in Colombia. The dance form has evolved with time, and it has changed as per places and cultures. Cumbia music and dance is popular in places like Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Argentina. Cumbia dance can be seen during weddings and dance clubs. Cumbia dance is characterised by a wind-up motion, and there are a circular pattern dance steps which are called the Columbian or Cumbia circle basic step. Swing, another Latin dance form is closely related to Cumbia. There are plenty of common moves.

In Costa Rica, Cumbia is known as the El Swing. So, if you are planning to visit a Tejano nightclub, knowing some basic Cumbia steps will help a lot. The Cumbia is great for parties and fun to learn. So, if you are wondering how to dance Cumbia, here is some interesting information to get started.

Cumbia Music

Originated in Columbia during Spanish colonisation, Cumbia music has a form called the Gaitero, which goes back to the 18th century. The instruments used were flutes or gaitas, African Drums and maracas. With time, the music evolved, and instruments like guitar, accordion, clave, and others were added.

The other genres of Cumbia music include the Mexican forms called Cumbia Sonidera, and Cumbia Pegassera, named after the band “Grupo Pegasso” who popularized it. The Argentina form of Cumbia music is called the Cumbia Villera which is very popular as well. Cumbia music is often referred to as the mother of Latin music. Cumbia music has elements of Samba and Salsa.

Cumbia Dancing Basic steps

People often asked the question, how to dance Cumbia as this dance form is not taught in many places. Natives can always take help from their family, relatives and friends. The moves are simple and don’t require much time to master.

Play a classic Cumbia song and stand with both feet together. Try to identify the one-two-three beat of the song and on each beat, shift your right foot behind the left foot at an angle. You should take a small step in your place with your left foot.

Then, you should move your right foot back to the starting position. Next, you need to repeat the same sequence starting with your left foot. Once you are okay with this basic step, you can try adding some spin or bumps.

The Cumbia Basic step is similar to the back basic with an additional rotational movement. The Cumbia Basic step has a basic step similar to that in salsa. So, if you want to impress someone with your Cumbia dancing, the Cumbia Basic is a must.

In Latin America, the Cumbia basic is a common step and is enjoyed by the native people. The back-break Cumbia dance step is another easy one to perform. For more detailed tutorials you can always search for how to dance Cumbia in a search engine.


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