How to Dance Merengue – Dance Steps Online For Begginers

Merengue dance is a popular dance form which is easy to learn and looks terrific on the dance floor.
But the Merengue dance has been through various phases. A long time back, the Merengue was
considered as a stigma due to the use of African music and beat. Some music consisted of risqué
lyrics, which was judged by people. With time, the Merengue dance became popular in the
Dominican Republic and finally became its official dance. The Merengue dance form is one of the
simplest ways of social dancing. It is done with a partner and requires certain levels of intimacy and
closeness due to its sensual nature. So, if you are wondering how to dance Merengue, here are some
useful steps to help you learn in no time.

Merengue Dance Steps

The music for the Merengue dance consists of four beat music bars, so there are four beats or
movement to each measure of music. A Merengue dance step has two bars of music. So, each basic
step takes nearly eight counts in Merengue. The male dance partner generally leads the couple
dance, as the female partner copies his movements from the beginning.

The basic step of Merengue is done forward, backward and side to side. The side basic step begins
with the male partner’s weight on the right side of his body. He steps onto his left foot, drags the left
foot inward and shifts his weight onto the left leg so that his right leg is free to step down on the
second beat of the music. His weight shifts from side to side for the remaining counts of the
measure. The female dancer mirrors the moves of her partner, starting with her weight on the left
leg and alternating accordingly.

In the case of the Forward Basic Step, the male moves forward, shifting his weight back and forth to
maintain the rhythm with the music. In the Backward Basic Step, the dancer travels backward
instead of forward. The male dancer steps backward on his left foot. Once you are familiar with the
Forward and Backward basic steps, the Merengue will be much easier to perform.
The Merengue has a style and flair of its own. The brilliant turns are performed along with the side
basic step. A single hand turn by the male dancer guides the female dancer under one of his arms,
while they are dancing the side basic. A double hold allows the Dancers to hold both hands and turn
opposite each other and then return to the original positions.

Understanding Merengue

Merengue requires natural movement that can be stylized depending on the music and theme. The
sensuality of the Merengue dance form needs chemistry between the dance partners, which are
exuded with the movements. If you want to learn more, you can always look up how to dance
Merengue in clubs on a search engine. The Merengue steps are quite simple to learn. But the emotions and
theatrical components involved can be a bit complex. With time, you can add your expression to the
choreography of Merengue.

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