How to Do the Shoot Dance

Shoot dance has become a global phenomenon, and it gained even more popularity after the addition of a similar Fortnite emote. Gamers and sports person are doing the shoot dance to celebrate their victory. In a few words, in Shoot Dance a person hops on one foot, kicks with the opposite foot and shakes their fist by moving their elbow. So, many people ask about how the shoot dance originated and how to do the shoot dance. Let’s get into the facts before you break a leg or two.

The origin of Shoot Dance

The shoot dance was popularized after rapper BlocBoy JB first did it in his music video for the hit song called “Shoot” in 2017. The dance move became an instant hit, and people of all age groups started replicating it everywhere. Shoot dance challenge caught up with the Millennials, and people have uploaded countless YouTube videos showing off their shoot dance skills.

Steps to do the Shoot dance

If you are wondering, how to do the shoot dance, it is not difficult and requires some practice. You can do light stretching exercises if you are new to hip hop dancing. Also, make sure you have adequate space for practice, whether doing it alone or with your posse.

To begin with, when you are starting from the top, you need to swing your upper body and plank it to the opposite side of where you are rotating. Your lower body is going to follow with a rotating knee, which comes back and hits with a quick ending.

If you are dancing with the bottom, you need to shoot your back to the side and make your feet hit. You need to snap your knee back. The popping effect requires the whole torso, arms, biceps and chest.

Now, keep your right foot down on the floor and place your left foot in the middle of your body. Imagine you are going to push with your right hand up while rolling on your feet. In this position, you feel as if you are a chair. If your feet are too close, the dance is not going to be perfect.

Now push off the right hand and try to roll up your ankles. You are going to be coming back, going to shoot up and push with your right hand. Make sure that you are using every part of your body to shoot. You will realize that your upper body has to do the step with a lot of momentum. Next, you shoot your chest so that your chest goes up. Roll around with your left hand.

This is the basic structure for doing the shoot dance. With practice and some effort, you can master it and also freestyle it in some ways. If you need more guidance, you can always check for how to do the shoot dance videos using a search engine.

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