How to Slow Dance In 2 Easy Steps

The slow dance is a dance form which can be simple to learn and comes handy during various formal occasions. The slow dance is suited for some social occasions as people prefer ballroom dancing due to its elegance. So, if you are looking for how to slow dance, here is a guide to get you started.

Prerequisites of Slow Dancing

Before you can start learning slow dancing, you need to get a dance partner. If you have enrolled at some dance studios, you can pair with a partner there. If you are learning at home with the help of an instructor, you can practice the steps with your instructor. Also, get a good pair of ballroom dance shoes which will prevent you from slipping on the dance floor. If you are looking for slow songs to dance to, you can always select from the works of Eric Clapton, Marvin Gaye, and The Righteous Brothers.

If you wanna practice slow dance , check out a cool playlist:

Slow Dance Steps

Slow dancing doesn’t mean just holding your partner and swaying along with slow music. Some basic steps of traditional slow dancing should be learned, which consists of organized steps.

The basic move of all slow dance steps begins with the male dancer placing his right hand on his partner’s hip. The female dancer places her left hand on the male partner’s shoulder. The male dancer is supposed to lead and takes the first step forward, while his female partner starts by stepping backward.

Now let’s look at the Box Step, which is considered as a causal slow dance step. The male dancer steps forward on his left foot while his partner steps backward by mirroring his steps. The male brings his right foot beside his left foot, while the female steps back with her right foot. Then, the male dancer steps to the right side and the female follows his lead. The male dancer’s left foot comes next to the right foot and the female follows it. The male then steps back with his right foot, and the woman steps forward by mirroring him. Then, the male dancer brings his left foot beside his right foot, and the female dancer steps forward on the left foot. The male steps to the left side, while the female follows his moves. The last step is the male dancer brings the right foot beside the left foot and returns to the original position and the female dancer follows him.

Final Words

Slow dancing doesn’t require too much effort. You just need to learn a few steps of the slow dance and practice with your partner. If you want to learn more classical steps, you can always search for how to slow dance online to get tutorial videos. You should also listen to some slow songs to dance to so that you can understand the rhythm. Slow dancing will come handy at some point in your life and is a fun social activity. It looks elegant and is a great skill to have.

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