Irish Dance Quiz

Have you ever wanted to find out things about Irish dancing? Then you have Come to the perfect quiz! Or in the event that you already are a good irish dancer, you can see just how much you know about it!I created this quiz for all irish dance enthusiasts. I really don’t think I have ever come across a quiz online that is about Irish dance, so I thought I had  to make one! Have fun taking it!

#1 What kind of socks do irish dancers wear?

#2 Group dancing or figure dancing is called what?

#3 What is the name of the soft shoe dance that is a “girls only” dance?

#4 Which one of these is true?

#5 Curly hair is a very traditional part of Irish dance. Most female dancers curl their hair for shows and comepetition. Now is the following true or false: some dancers wear curly wigs instead of curling their hair to save time and effort.

#6 Name the two different types of shoes we use in Irish dance

#7 What is an Irish dance competiton called and how do you spell it?

#8 Whats the name of this irish dance movie ?

#9 When Was Michael Ryan Flatley Born?

#10 What are the first three levels of Irish dance in the US?



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irish dancing quiz

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irish dancing quizes

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