Learn How to Line Dance Online Tutorial

If you think of a fun-filled country dance, Line dancing is the best one to do with a partner. The Line
dancing steps can vary to a large extent as there can be various combinations. Line dancing can be
done at various events or parties. Line dancing is seen and performed during wedding receptions dancing
and events. You might have seen and heard the Macarena, which is a one-line dance, that was
immensely popular during the nineties. Line dance is very easy to learn and perform. If you are
thinking, how to line dance, you can learn it no time with some patience and the instruction given

Basics of Line Dance

Before going into the steps, you need to learn the counts. If you can count the entire choreography
as you do it, line dancing will become much more straightforward as every single step is timed to the
music. You also need to distinguish between a touch and a step. In a touch, you don’t change the
weight on the foot whereas A step is when you change the weight on foot, whereas the touches are
used to switch directions. Once you are clear about counts and steps, you need to learn to dance
between the counts. You can also add your style into the steps by using your upper torso, hips, and

Let’s see how the cupid shuffle move is done, which is one the easiest line dance steps. It starts with
eight counts of side steps to the right, and the last step is a touch. The same is repeated to the left.
Next, you need to do eight counts of heel steps. Finally, you need to do eight counts of stepping in
one place and turn 1/4 to the left side. You can repeat and practice the same steps facing a new side.
Now let’s look at the wobble line dance. The dancers start with a forward jump, grooving on the spot
and then jumping back and grooving. You need to wobble your hands to the left and right. You can
use your creative side to do a cha cha step in the forward and backward place. Next, you need to do
rhythmical steps in one place and turn to the other side. For more moves and inspiration, you can
always look for, how to line dance using a search engine.

Benefits of Line dancing

When you are looking for how to line dance, you will realize that line dancing is fun and provides
good exercise. You need to know the basic steps, practice and use your creativity to make new
moves. Make sure you listen to the music and time your steps so that steps fit perfectly. Since line
dance involves the use of arms, legs, and upper body, you can stretch beforehand. The main thing is
to relax and have fun.

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