Line Dance Quiz

Hey , so you like line dancing do you ? Have you checked out our guide on how to line dance like a pro ?

Anyways , check out the cool line dance quiz below to check out your knowledge regarding this matter.

#1 In the 1990s, Los Del Rio released a song that soon became a popular dance. What was the name of the song?

#2 Part of the Chicken Dance requires the participant to flap his or her arm like a chicken.

#3 The Electric Slide has been around for over thirty years.

#4 In the 1990s, the Achy Breaky became a popular line dance thanks to a song with a similar title. Who was the country artist who sang “Achy Breaky Heart”?

#5 What type of angle is this?

#6 Another popular line dance from the 1950s was the Stroll. What musical group from the 1950s wrote a song called “The Stroll”?

#7 What type of angle is this?

#8 The Hustle was a popular line dance from the 1970s.


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