The Best Dance Movies on Netflix

Dance movies may be a niche but it is a popular one. Who doesn’t love to watch a film that combines the drama of acting with the beauty and passion of dance? Nowadays, a lot of those dance movies are on Netflix, here are the best ones you can watch today.


Pina by Wim Wenders is one of the most famous and internationally-recognized dance documentaries. It follows the career of German choreographer Pina Bausch as she invents a new dancing style that revolutionized modern dance. Watch this not only to find out more about the origins of contemporary dancing, but also for the engaging way the story is told and shown, this one is a beauty!

Billy Eliott

Billy Eliott is one of those classic dance movies you can’t miss. It follows the life and dreams of a very young aspiring dancer who is struggling to pursue his passion in the sexist and boxing-oriented miner community of North-East England where he grows up.

A Ballerina’s Tale

The story of the first African American dancer to be used as a main dancer by the American Ballet Theatre is as inspirational as it is beautiful.

Desert Dancer

How do you live out your passion for dancing when the activity is banned in your country? This film follows the story of Afshin Ghaffarian, an Iranian dancer who lets nothing get in the way of his dream, not even an oppressive middle-eastern regime.

High Strung

High Strung is the story of a ballet dancer who meets and falls in love with a hip-hop dancer. Between their love for one another, their love for dance and their competitive fight in a major dance competition, there’s fire in the air!

High School Musical

Okay, this one is not technically a dance movie. But we have to admit that the dancing in it is spectacular. If you don’t watch it for the feel-good story, for the drama or for the singing, watch it for the dancing, it’s amazing!

First Position

First Position is more of a documentary, but it flows like a beautifully narrated story. It follows the lives and paths of 6 young ballet dancers preparing for one of the world’s toughest dance competitions.

Black Swan

Watch the incredibly talented Natalie Portman in a film about dance, jealousy, obsession and the mental health issues which plague the dance world. A warning: this one is not for children and it is not a movie to get pumped up. However, the cinematography is impeccable, the acting is great and you will be watching a classic for years to come.


This one is a dark one. Adapted from an Italian horror movie of the 1960s, the modern day version takes place in a New York dance school where strange things happen and girls disappear… If you like a bit of spookiness with your dancing, make sure to give this one a go.

Breaking Brooklyn

An urban dance film and a coming-of age movie all in one, this one is sure to satisfy hip-hop fans and those who like a feel-good story.

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